About Us

In the years following the signing of the Declaration of Independence, our country was comprised of 13 separate and independent nations (states), loosely governed by the Articles of Confederation and the Continental Congress. In 1787, delegates from these 13 nations met in Philadelphia to amend the Articles of Confederation. Instead, our Constitution was created. In today's world, the meaning of the Constitution has been altered by those who find it an obstacle in their path to imposing ever-increasing limitations on our freedoms and rights.

We are a group of folks who believe that our Constitution is the supreme governing document of our nation. All federal governing power contained therein is by consent of, We the People. It does not grant us our rights, but rather, protects them from being denied or limited by an overbearing federal government.

This website was created to facilitate greater understanding of the Founding Father's intent when they created the Constitution. In order to accomplish this, we must turn to their other writings. There are many, and we cannot contain them all here. However, we have included the Federalist, and Anti-Federalist Papers. With this knowledge and understanding, we can then demand adherence to it by our elected representatives.

As you peruse the Constitution here, you will encounter numerous reference links. For example, if a item was altered by an amendment, a clickable link will take you to a footnote with a link to the amendment. If an item was argued in the process of ratification, a clickable link will refer you to the relevant document(s). This presentation of the Constitution is cross-linked to other documents. The linking process on this website is a work in progress and not yet complete.

In addition to this website, visit our discussion forum. Please note: the attached forum is NOT, a place for name calling, profanity, or other despicable behavior. It, in addition to this website, is a place to learn and discuss. We welcome all points of view. Heated debate is encouraged, but we insist that if you disagree, be nice about it.