The U.S. Constitution

The Preamble - States the reason for writing the Constitution

Article 1 - The Federal Government is in three branches

Article 2 - The Executive branch

Article 3 - The Judicial branch

Article 4 - Relations of the States to Each Other

Article 5 - Amending the Constitution

Article 6 - National Debts, Supremacy

Article 7 - Ratifying the Constitution

Misspellings - in the Constitution

Letter of Transmittal - How to Implement the Constitution

The Bill of Rights

First Amendment - Freedom of Religion, Speech and the right to assemble

Second Amendment - The right to keep and bear arms

Third Amendment - Quartering of Soldiers

Fourth Amendment - Search and seizure

Fifth Amendment - Trial and Punishment

Sixth Amendment Right to a speedy trial

Seventh Amendment - Right to a trial by jury

Eighth Amendment - Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Ninth Amendment - Construction of Constitution

Tenth Amendment - Powers of the States and the People

Amendments 11 - 20

Eleventh Amendment

Twelfth Amendment

Thirteenth Amendment

Fourteenth Amendment

Fifteenth Amendment

Sixteenth Amendment

Seventeenth Amendment

Eighteenth Amendment

Ninteenth Amendment

Twentieth Amendment

Amendments 21 - 27

Twenty-first Amendment

Twenty-second Amendment

Twenty-third Amendment

Twenty-fourth Amendment

Twenty-fifth Amendment

Twenty-sixth Amendment

Twenty-seventh Amendment

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